Worship art is for everyone, both adults and kids - no skills or experience required.  The aim is not to create beautiful pictures, but to express something from the heart - using colour, shape and movement as a means of worshiping God, and listening to what God may have to say to us.


Paint canvasses are placed up front on a display board as they’re completed. The visual and spiritual impact enriches our worship experience.  Sometimes people share briefly about their paintings, what they represent and what has inspired them.  They often spark further engagement with God and with each other.


We invite you to come and explore art as worship!


Inspiration may come from an experience, scripture, nature, a message, song, story, impression - something in our immediate awareness, or anything in life and creation.  We encourage painting throughout our worship gatherings.  It’s both a personal, individual activity, and part of the larger tapestry of our worship together.