Special Events

Good Friday Progressive Service


We join with other churches on the Danforth as well as members of the local community to walk from church to church following the Stations of the Cross. Each church enacts 2 or 3 stations.  It's a powerful way to remember the death of Jesus and demonstrate the unity we have in Christ.

Taste of the Danforth Festival 


Every year on the second weekend of August over a million people come to sample the food and culture of Greektown on the Danforth.  We take this opportunity to open our doors and welcome people into our sanctuary for rest, spiritual reflection, music and painting.  Each year we create a community art project based on a theme and invite visitors to participate by painting.

Christmas Event

We collaborate with our friends from the Suppers in celebrating Christmas through music and drama. It's a very informal affair, full of fun, food, singing, costumes, and always something unexpected!